The Responsible Hospitality Institute (RHI) senior staff and associates are available to guide you through RHI's process and information about events and services. .

Jim Peters is Founder and President of the Responsible Hospitality Institute (RHI) and oversees the development of programs, publications and events. As a consultant for dozens of cities and speaker at conferences worldwide, Peters offers comprehensive insights on trends and effective strategies on managing hospitality zones and nighttime economies. Peters has overseen the evolution of RHI from its founding in 1983, spearheading an international movement to raise awareness of the responsibility of bartenders and servers in preventing drunk driving, to RHI’s current role as a leading resource to cities worldwide on development of a safe and vibrant social economy.

Alicia Scholer is RHI's Associate Director. She oversees special projects and is responsible for project management, content writing, marketing strategy and social media management. Since she began in 2005, she has developed a variety of educational publications, resources for urban planners and an online learning curriculum for college communities with nightlife. Scholer brings a detailed portfolio of best practices on nighttime economy management and collaborative relationships with a global network of experts and technicians. Alicia has managed logistics and developed summary reports for more than thirty Hospitality Zone Assessments and more than a dozen events.

Marjorie Ferrer serves as RHI's Project Associate and has extensive experience working with all aspects of redeveloping downtowns and small towns, outlining strategies and tactics that have proven successful in redevelopment of Downtown Delray Beach for the past two decades. Her working career has armed her with retail experience as a Buyer at Jordan Marsh for 20 years, and tourism experience as Assistant Manager for Miami Seaquarium for 5 years, prior to joining the Delray Beach team.  As Executive Director for the Downtown Development Authority in Delray Beach, she understood the importance of gathering data which allowed the economic successes of the DDA District. 



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"Cities are coming back, largely on the promise of unique dining, shopping and entertainment.
Managing these vibrant, sometimes chaotic, environments requires new levels of cooperation and creativity.
RHI is the only organization with the experience to guide local leaders, business owners, and citizens to success."
Betsy Jackson, President, The Urban Agenda


Responsible Hospitality Institute

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RHI is a nonprofit organization founded in 1983 with a mission to assist businesses and communities to plan safe and vibrant places to socialize. RHI's Sociable City events create an organized opportunity to connect and share information with peers and access resources from RHI. 
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