A SPECIAL ONE DAY PRE-SUMMIT TRAINING for those given the task of being their city's "Night Mayor-Night Manager" or for anyone assigned to develop nightlife planning and management strategies in their city.

A DISTINGUISHED INTERNATIONAL FACULTY provided important lessons from a century of combined experience in planning, managing and policing social and nightlife districts.


  • Learn the steps to conduct a comprehensive assessment of your city's nightlife through the four building blocks to increase sociability and vibrancy.
  • Enhance your city's nightlife scene through live music and dining opportunities.
  • Evaluate the economic and cultural impact of your city's nightlife.
  • Assess the public safety impact of nightlife by compiling the top crime, harm and disorder indicators.
  • Build an alliance of stakeholders who can facilitate change in your community and generate buy-in from elected officials.
  • Customize strategies to deploy police more efficiently, reduce quality of life impacts and better manage closing time transportation.
  • Create partnership models among public safety agencies and with nightlife venue operators to establish proactive communication.
  • Apply what you've learned in a tour of Philadelphia' nightlife.



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businesses and communities to plan safe and vibrant places to socialize.

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