BURLINGTON SHOWCASE | Moving Away from Us vs. Them

Tools for Successful Collaboration

Vibrant downtowns serve community members and visitors alike. But some forms of that vibrancy can create conflicts amongst those community members, particularly in college towns. Leaders in Burlington, Vermont have learned that directed action and collaboration are the key to balancing a vibrant downtown with public safety, transportation, and neighborhood issues.

This interactive discussion will use real-life examples to illustrate collaborative tools to develop positive working relationships with key constituencies.

Learn about Burlington’s approach, including:

  • Downtown partnerships around public safety, transportation, and parking.
  • Bystander intervention training
  • Creating a new Downtown Improvement District (to promote revitalization and economic development while meeting the needs of residents)
  • Quality of life interventions in neighborhoods
  • Strategic relationship-building across constituencies
  • Finding “both/and” solutions


Adam roof
Council Member
Burlington, Vermont

Joe Speidel
Director, Local Government and Community Relations
University of Vermont

kelly DEvine
Executive Director
Burlington Business Association



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