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Pittsburgh Sociable City Plan

Enhancing Safety and Vibrancy in the Nighttime Economy

The Responsible Hospitality Institute (RHI) has contracted with the City of Pittsburgh to convene and facilitate an alliance of key stakeholders with an interest in improving Pittsburgh’s nighttime economy through RHI’s Hospitality Zone Assessment process.

The first priority is to establish stronger working alliances among nightlife venue operators, city agencies and departments, neighborhood organizations, educational institutions and social service agencies.

Vibrancy, Safety and Plan for People

The project will unite representatives from the four study districts (Downtown, Lawrenceville, Oakland and South Side), state, county and city officials and business leaders, the region's higher education institutions and others from through the city wanting to share their insights on enhancing vibrancy, assuring safety and planning for people.

The outcome of the project will be identification of current and emerging issues, development of specific actions, and formation of the Pittsburgh Sociable City Alliance as a liaison to neighborhoods and districts seeking tools for hospitality zone management planning, policy and resource allocation.

  • Enhance Vibrancy: Maintain an inventory of current social options in key districts throughout the city, identify trends in new business development, review opportunities to add entertainment and vending activity in public space and maintain diversity for all generations of residents and visitors.

  • Assure Safety: Establish improved communication among dining and entertainment business operators, management and staff through organized events, meetings and training. Document incidents relating to public safety and quality of life and establish more efficient problem and conflict resolution strategies by code compliance agencies, businesses and residents.

  • Plan for People: Identify the challenges from sustainable mixed use development when residents, (houses, apartments, hotels) are located in close proximity to public space and hospitality activity. Coordinate policies and resources for transportation, zoning, construction standards and management of crowds and late-night socializing impacts.


Alicia Lakomski
RHI Project Manager
831.469.3396 4#


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Support provided by the City of Pittsburgh, William Peduto, Mayor, City of Pittsburgh, and administered by the City Department of Planning

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