RHI Sociable City Guide for College Communities


We are very grateful for the guidance, advice, insights and feedback from our College Advisory Board, the members of which donated their time to enhance this project. 

Aaron H Bachenheimer
Associate Dean and Director of Fraternity & Sorority Life and Community Involvement
University of North Carolina
Chapel Hill, NC

Beth Bagwell
Executive Director
International Town & Gown Association
Clemson, SC 

Joy Citta
Lincoln Police Department
Lincoln, NE

Jennifer Gaffney
Deputy Chief
Sex Crimes Unit, New York County District Attorney’s Office Manhattan, NY

Allison Harnden
Nighttime Economy Coordinator City of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, PA

Hannah Howard
Volunteer and Emergency Services Coordinator, Mount Sinai West and St. Luke's Hospitals
New York, NY

Hanson Kappelman
Former Co-Chair
Pittsburgh, PA

Bruce Kraus
Council President
City of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, PA

Linda Major
Assistant Vice Chancellor
University of Nebraska
Lincoln, NE  

Kannu Sahni
Community Relations
University of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, PA

Robert Saltz, PhD
Senior Research Scientist
 Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation
Oakland, CA

Saswati Sarkar
Assistant Director of Prevention Programs, New York City Alliance Against Sexual Assault
New York, NY

Paul Seres
Founding Trustee
New York City Hospitality Alliance
New York, NY

Susan Stafford
Director of Off-Campus Housing & Neighborhood Relations
University of Colorado
Boulder, CO


Miki Strickler-Talbot
Former Street as a Venue Coordinator City of Edmonton
Edmonton, AB



Resources for the Nighttime Economy

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RHI Summit Panel on Craft Beverages

Best Practices for Nightlife Management

Night Mayor — Night Manager


Guide for College Communities

Challenges for Town-Gown Relations

Nightlife Impact on College Communities

Advisory Panel

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