This FREE online, interactive guide is an awareness raising tool about unique nightlife challenges faced by college communities:
Off-Campus Housing, Pre-Loading, Party Buses and Sexual Assault in nightlife.

The guide is intended for a variety of audiences.

The following perspectives would find value in this guide:

  • City planners and economic development departments

  • Public safety, enforcement and compliance agencies

  • College administrators and staff

  • Nightlife venue owners, managers and staff

You may be wondering how a city's nightlife relates to a college community.

Large student populations can influence the dynamics of a nightlife district. Likewise, nightlife can have a direct impact on students, colleges/universities and the broader community. Learn more about the relationship between nightlife and college communities.


Resources for the Nighttime Economy

Economic Studies: News and Reports

RHI Summit Panel on Economic Studies

RHI Summit Panel on Craft Beverages

Best Practices for Nightlife Management

Night Mayor — Night Manager


Guide for College Communities

Challenges for Town-Gown Relations

Nightlife Impact on College Communities

Advisory Panel

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