Unique Nightlife Challenges in College Communities

This guide focuses on four particular issues:

Off-Campus Housing

Growth of student housing creates new burdens on infrastructure and blurs the line between campus and community. College administrators work hard to educate students about being good neighbors. Still, residents bear the brunt of negative impacts: house parties, noise, litter, bio-waste, vandalism, parking and traffic. Learn ways to connect students with neighbors and ensure student accountability for behavior off-campus.


Students pre-load at house parties, tailgate parties, in cars, parks and fields to bond with peers, gain confidence and save money when going out to nightlife venues. Yet, intoxication can be detrimental to relationship-building and may increase liability to the venues students patronize. Discover more about the many risks associated with pre-loading and promising practices to address this potentially harmful activity.

Party Buses

Party buses grew in popularity in part because of increased awareness of impaired driving. This new trend brings an alarming set of risks, including underage drinking, pre-loading, injury or death. Party bus accidents occur nationwide due to rowdy and intoxicated passengers, faulty safety features, poor maintenance and unprofessional drivers. Learn how legislators are creating statewide policies to keep riders safe.

Sexual Assault

College-age females are at the highest risk of experiencing sexual violence. Alcohol can be a factor in sexual aggression and assault. Therefore, nightlife venues are ideal settings for prevention programs. Learn about cutting-edge campaigns from around the world to train staff, encourage and empower bystanders to intervene with predators, and ultimately help change social norms for appropriate behavior in bars and nightclubs.

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