Socializing: What College is All About

Life is about relationships. College is where students learn how to socialize. Throughout college, students create meaningful relationships with peers, love interests and the community.

Socializing and Alcohol in College

Drinking is often part of the college social experience. The way in which college students socialize with alcohol can create unique risks and impacts on their community. College communities with active nightlife face unique challenges.

What's Nightlife Got to do with it?

Student behavior off-campus matters. In fact, what happens at house parties and nightlife venues can have a ripple effect in your community, especially if a student is injured, assaulted or dies. Poorly planned and managed nightlife with a rowdy reputation can have a direct impact on colleges/universities and the broader community.

Impacts on the College/University

  • Decreased student enrollment

  • Increased student drop-out rate and expulsion if they are involved in an incident

  • Concerns expressed by parents over the safety of their students  

Impacts on the Community

  • Hostile dynamic between college administrators, students, long-term residents and business owners

  • Greater number of complaints from residents

  • Decreased quality of life for residents

  • Increased impacts and risks to public safety

  • Lower property values and lower community standards when property is not well-maintained


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