RHI Events

Onsite and Online Opportunities for Information Exchange and Networking 

RHI Events are uniquely designed for both interdisciplinary interactions and peer-to-peer networking. Innovators are convened from all sectors to uncover emerging trends and showcase contemporary research and best practices. We encourage cities to organize a team comprised of planners, police, business district managers, licensed beverage businesses, and residents for relationship-building and to facilitate a holistic learning experience.

Two Event Series

RHI features innovative solutions to nighttime economy challenges through two event series: Leadership Summits and Webinars.

  • Leadership Summits: A strategically focused event where participants work toward consensus on defining trends and proven strategies.   

  • Sociable City Webinars: City teams access comprehensive solutions to address nightlife challenges and learn how to capitalize on safe and vibrant nightlife. A wealth of practical tools and tactics are presented via online presentations and archived for future reference.