Vibrancy is created by a continuum of social experiences and encounters in a hospitality zone, enhanced when the “street becomes a venue” with outdoor dining, street performers and vendors. Social venues that facilitate early evening gatherings to late night entertainment create one of the most important local economic and employment generators. 

The Entertainment  measure reviews current social options (e.g. dining, live entertainment), evaluates mix of clientele, systems for promotion, as well as attraction and retention of talent.

Vibrancy in the Public Space is evaluated by systems in place for outdoor dining, street performers, vendors, ADA compliance, as well as addressing panhandling.


  • Does your city meet the social experience needs of your residents and visitors?

  • Are there social opportunities available during the day, evening and late-night?

  • What is your city's specialty? Music? Culinary? Craft Beverages? Events? Buskers?

  • How are demographics changing demands for nighttime social experiences?

  • Does your city have a formal plan for becoming a sociable city?

  • Is there support for creative talent such as musicians, chefs, mixologists, service?

  • How many venues offer live entertainment?


RHI suggests recruitment of the following perspectives.

  • Patron Representatives
  • Venue Owners and Associations
  • Economic Development
  • Business Development
  • Arts, Culture, Event Experts
  • Musicians and Advocates
  • Public Space Planners

  • Street Vendors and Performers

  • Event Planners

  • Public Space Management

  • Street Ambassadors

  • Marketing and Media


Introduction to RHI's Conceptual Framework

Form an Alliance

Plan for People

Assure Safety

Enhance Vibrancy  


Introduction to Core Concepts

Hospitality Zones: Benefits and Challenges

Life Cycles of Nightlife Districts

Sociability Preferences by Generation



"RHI was able to bring together a very diverse group of stakeholders and get them to work on common interests
as well as tackling shared problems. RHI should be considered by any city
developing or enhancing an entertainment zone."
Ernest Collins, Fomer Executive Director Arts & Entertainment, New Orleans, LA


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