What is a Hospitality Zone?

A hospitality zone (a.k.a. social district, dining and entertainment district) is a mixed-use area that is a social destination during the day and evening.

Hospitality zones are comprised of a cluster of dining and entertainment businesses such as bars, restaurants, pubs, taverns, cafes and nightclubs. They also serve as the center for community festivals and special events.

Many cities have more than one hospitality zone. They may host different levels of intensity during the day and night, depending on their different life cycle. They may also attract people from different generations and life stages

What are the Benefits and Challenges of a Hospitality Zone?

Well planned and managed hospitality zones with vibrant nightlife can be a prosperous investment. They drive community revitalization, increase property value and generate much-needed revenue and employment. Reduced crime and growth in tourism and conventions are also benefits of safe and vibrant nightlife.

However, unplanned hospitality zones that lack coordination of policies and regulations generate costly impacts. Higher crime rates, increased risk for underage drinking, and higher incidence of impaired driving place excessive burden on enforcement and regulatory agencies. Noise, trash, litter, and crowd management challenges strain limited city budgets in an already strapped economy.

How does RHI Improve Safety and Vibrancy in Hospitality Zones?

RHI promotes a comprehensive approach to improve nightlife safety and vibrancy in hospitality zones. RHI services unite diverse stakeholders and city leaders through a common vision to define strategies and tactics for a long-term action plan. Read more about how RHI can help your city in our services section.


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Introduction to Core Concepts

Hospitality Zones: Benefits and Challenges

Life Cycles of Nightlife Districts

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"RHI plays a leading role in countering that negative image of nightlife establishments.
With keen insight, considerable experience and academic approach, RHI has single handedly changed the
tone of the debate and created a positive dialogue in city after city."
Rob Bookman, Counsel to New York City Hospitality Alliance


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