Night Mayors: What it Takes to be Your City’s Nightlife Champion


Though the title varies—Night Mayor, Night Czar, Nighttime Economy Coordinator, Director, Night Manager—the expectations are the same: a designated liaison among government, business and community stakeholders responsible for promoting music and culture, branding a city’s social experience and maintaining public safety and quality of life in nightlife districts.

During this closing session discussion, each panelist identified the top three lessons learned, recommendations for cities interested in creating a similar position, and the future of nighttime management in the US and globally.

The Summit convened 215 people from 155 different organizations, nine countries, 28 states and provinces and 72 cities. Twenty-three teams of 3 or more members, 13 with 5 or more and 7 teams have 9 or more members.

Plans are underway to facilitate an expanded discussion at the 2020 Sociable City Summit in Seattle on the evolution of nighttime management and the night manager.

2019 Sociable City Summit

Orlando's Thomas Chatmon Leads Panel of US "Night Mayors"


Thomas C. Chatmon, Jr.
Executive Director
Downtown Development Board
Orlando, FL


Sarah Hannah-Spurlock

Nighttime Economy Manager

Office of the City Manager

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Ben Van Houten
Business Development Manager
Office of Economic and
Workforce Development

San Francisco, CA

Allison Harnden
Nighttime Economy Manager
City of Pittsburgh, PA

Shawn Townsend
Mayor’s Office of Nightlife & Culture
Washington, DC

Ariel Palitz

Senior Executive Director

Office of Nightlife
Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment
New York, NY

Scott Plusquellec

Nightlife Business Advocate
Office of Film and Music
Seattle, WA

Entertainment Service Manager
Music and Entertainment Division
Austin, TX

dominique greco
Project Manager
Downtown Development Board
Orlando, FL





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