RHI's 2017 Sociable City Leadership Summit in Austin featured a panel presentation and discussion by the pioneers of nighttime economy management. You can view on YouTube..


Progressive nightlife destination cities have organized advisory and regulatory bodies to guide nightlife development and policy-setting. Comprised of government, community and industry stakeholders, these groups oversee permitting, track frequent violators and offer educational services to keep businesses in compliance.

Whatever it's calledCommission, Council, Panel, Alliancethe functions are the same. The opening panel on Monday featured a discussion among representatives sharing insights on this trend.   

Jim Peters
Responsible Hospitality Institute

Tom Noonan
Austin Convention and Visitors Bureau


Jocelyn Kane
Executive Director
San Francisco Entertainment Commission

 Philip Kolvin

Philip Kolvin, QC
Nighttime Commission

Mirik Milan

Mirik Milan
Night Mayor



The Night Mayor Night Manager in the News

A global trend is creating a night manager —  night mayor position. The role is often defined as a liaison among key stakeholders to maintain a balance between the economic impact of nightlife and risks to safety and quality of life. The person can report to the city manager, nighttime commission, business district manager, public safety director, or mayor. (sample job description)

  • NYC City Council Considers Office of Nightlife (read more)

  • Interview of Mirik Milan, Night Mayor, Amsterdam (read more)

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  • Does Your City Need a Night Manager? RHI webinar with Amsterdam, San Francisco, Pittsburgh and Toronto comparing strategies

  • Amsterdam: Article in the Economist about Mirik Milan, Night Mayor of Amsterdam (read more)

  • Dublin: Irish Time columnist repeatedly advocates for a night mayor (read more)

  • Sydney, Australia: Current crisis could save nightlife (read more)

  • London, England: Mayor Sadiq Khan to appoint Night Tsar (read more)

  • South Africa: Call for focus on nighttime economy (read more)

  • Sydney, Australia: Election focused on night mayor to repel lockout laws (read more)

  • Cali, Columbia: The first night mayor in the region. (read more)

  • Vancouver: “The night mayor wanted to make the downtown a place where creative people even those without money can host events and work on their art,” van Bemmel says. (read more)

  • Toronto: "The will be responsible for increasing the number of entertainment outlets in a positive manner as a platform of attracting tourists to stimulate the city's economy," Jow says. (read more)

  • Amsterdam: "He's a kind of mediator. He gives ideas, he helps moderate the dialogue, he brings in experts, he gives good warnings when you need him," Weber says. (read more)

  • Edmonton: "The creative industry is a kickstarter and an accelerator for urban development, and this is why the municipalities should take good care of the night life and also be aware that municipal legislation has a huge influence on the creation of creative jobs," Maimann says. (read more)

  • London: "The "Night Mayor" initiative will be entrusted with representing the interests of nightlife culture and and businesses at London's council meetings. Other policies include making it harder for developers to build over or compromise heritage venues and culture sites, as well as shifting the burden of soundproofing to developers who plan to build near venues and clubs," Superjam states. (read more)

  • Sydney: "Where people in government are largely inept at moving away from blanket policies, the Night Mayor is consulted to distinguish between venues that will have a positive impact on the city and the ones that don't," theMusic states. (read more)

  • Sydney: Mayor campaigns for night mayor (read more)

  • Belgium: "A Night Mayor is a kind of ambassador for the nighttime economy who mediates the inevitable friction that occurs between daytime civilians and nightlife denizens. In other words, he resolvees conflicts between local residents and the club downstairs," Mount says. (read more)

  • Holland: "The idea was to take some of the nighttime pressure off the inner city, and to bring something new to the near suburbs," Henley says. (read more)

  • Pittsburgh: "The Night Mayor will help enhance, protect, and broaden revenue opportunities for businesses, while decreasing the detrimental impact of nightlife on nearby residents," Courier Newsroom states. (read more)




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