Communities that have participated in RHI services have reported the following outcomes:

  • Reduction in crime and alcohol-related disorder

  • Creation of incentives for business growth and retention

  • More effective deployment of public safety resources

  • Better management of quality of life impacts (e.g. trash, noise)

  • Improved working relationships and collaborative partnerships

  • Greater compliance with rules and regulations

  • Positive recognition of model businesses that maintain safe premises

  • Less calls for police service

  •  Increased patronage and footfalls on the main street.

  •  More positive perceptions of safety.

  •  Uptick in business growth (when desired) 

  • Greater civility among bar patrons


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"RHI generates a tremendous amount of goodwill towards state/province/city enforcement and licensing agencies. 
Supporting RHI is an insurance against more restrictive regulations."
Fred Luk, President, Fred’s Not Here Restaurants, Toronto, Canada


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