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RHI Services guide and empower communities to see beyond barriers to harness the economic value of nightlife and create a holistic plan for the nighttime economy and risk management.

 RHI offers three levels of services based on the goals, budget and level of preparedness of your city. For specific deliverables associated with each level of service, visit this page.


A three hour facilitated seminar will orient stakeholders to global trends and best practices on how to enhance vibrancy, assure safety and plan for people through the Six Measures of Sociability. Participants will have the tools to identify priorities, gaps and opportunities for becoming a more sociable city.


RHI staff will witness your nightlife in action to evaluate current risk management and provide feedback for improvement. Pre-visit phone interviews will determine top priorities and challenges, followed by two to three on-site days, including nighttime tour. Finally, RHI will relay suggestions for improvement and next steps based on research, interviews and tour through a customized seminar that will mobilize and orient key stakeholders for action.


The HZA includes and expands on the deliverables from the Seminar and Nighttime Evaluation. The HZA features six on-site segments, online training, and first-hand observation via a district tour. RHI trains collaborative working alliances on best practices, conducts an in-depth SWOT analysis and facilitates six roundtable discussions, which will generate a final report containing strategic and tactical action steps. The final outcome is to generate consensus on priority issues and solutions and present an action blueprint to City Council and other key leaders.

Start by doing what’s necessary, then what’s possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible.  St. Francis of Assisi

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RHI is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 1983 with a mission to assist businesses and communities to plan safe and vibrant places to socialize. RHI's Sociable City events create an organized  opportunity to connect and share information with peers and access resources from RHI.
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