RHI brings a portfolio of strategies and best practices from nearly 100 US and Canadian cities.

We evaluate your city's trends, issues and resources by 6 distinct measures of a successful nighttime economy, organized into the thematic sections below.


How well your city Plans for People is determined by reviewing zoning codes, current level of coordination for nighttime transportation and communication of clear community standards to minimize sound, litter and traffic impacts while preserving a high quality of life in dense mixed-use districts.

The Quality of Life measure examines your city's current approach to sound, litter and trash management.

The Mobility measure evaluates systems to improve late-night transportation options and traffic safety. (More Details)

Assuring Safety in nightlife districts is determined by the level of shared responsibility and partnerships among police, fire, patrons and venues to prevent disorder and reduce risk.

 The Public Safety measure evaluates your city's process of licensing venues and coordinating code compliance through education and communication.

Venue Safety is the measure of how well venues are organized and best practices implemented for safety and security management. (More Details)

Vibrancy is determined by the level of seamlessness and mix of options for social experiences from the day, evening and late-night.

Vibrancy in the Public Space is evaluated by systems in place for outdoor dining, street performers, vendors and ADA compliance.

The Entertainment measure reviews current social options (e.g. dining, live entertainment), evaluates their range of clientele, systems for promotion, as well as attraction and retention of talent. (More Details)

"Committed people working together in a community of effort will produce more
 than could ever have been prescribed through a formal strategic planning process."
James A. Autry, Real Power, Business Lessons from the Tao Te Ching  

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