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RHI's assessment process usually involves sixty or more people representing a range of perspectives and technical expertise. Working with more than sixty cities since 2003, thousands of people have dedicated time and resources toward creating a safer and more vibrant city.

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Hospitality Testimonials

Hospitality Stakeholders Comment on RHI Services

Are nighttime businesses unfairly blamed for public safety incidents? Does your city not yet recognize the economic value of your business and the nighttime industry? Do you have a voice in policy changes that affect your business? Read the below testimonials on how RHI's consultation services benefitted Hospitality stakeholders.

Steve A. Zolezzi, Executive Vice President, Food & Beverage Association of San Diego County: I've worked with RHI since 1996, and have witnessed much greater communication among the various agencies my members have to interact with, and I have a better relationship with senior administration to resolve conflicts.  

Jean Homza, Bar Manager, Nightclub 9:30:  RHI empowered me to take a more proactive stance with residential developers to mitigate conflicts before they occur, allowing us to peacefully coexist with new neighbors. Our neighbors are now our partners and vested in a safe and vibrant commercial corridor.

Fred Luk, President, Fred’s Not Here Restaurants, Toronto, Canada:  RHI generates a tremendous amount of goodwill towards state/province/city enforcement and licensing agencies. Supporting RHI is an insurance against more restrictive liquor regulations.

Rick Wyatt, Former Owner, Fenix Underground: Pioneer Square is the heart of Seattle's music heritage, and as the city evolves, we are challenged to remain competitive with emerging districts and maintain good relations with police and residents. RHI's facilitation over the past few years led to the formation of a task force to the mayor on managing Seattle's hospitality zones, providing a forum for business owners like me to have a place at the table. RHI has given me insights into changes in demographics so I can anticipate trends and market to them.

Rob Bookman, Counsel to NY Nightlife Association: The nightlife industry all too often is the Rodney Dangerfield of the business community; that is “we get no respect.” This leads to a prohibitionist approach to nightlife, one in which our elected officials mistakenly feel there is no negative consequences for pursuing. Of course, nothing can be farther from the truth. RHI plays a leading role nationally in countering that negative image of nightlife and liquor serving establishments. With keen insight, considerable experience and academic approach, RHI has single handedly changed the tone of the debate and created a positive dialogue in city after city.

Ernest Collins, Executive Director Arts & Entertainment, New Orleans, LA: I would like to offer a strong endorsement of RHI. They produced a very useful and instructive study for the City of New Orleans. The Hospitality Zone Assessment they produced guided the early direction of the state chartered French Quarter Marigny Historic Area District. We were most impressed by the collaborative process they used and the recommendations they made. They were able to bring together a very diverse group of stakeholders and get them to work on common interests as well as tackling shared problems. RHI should be considered by any city developing or enhancing an entertainment zone.

Community Testimonials

Bringing the Needs of the Community to the Table 

Do you face weekly incidents of noise and disorder in your neighborhood? Are you seeking to improve town/gown relations? Is the mix of social venues adequate to match your city's demographics? Do you have a forum to communicate your concerns about nightlife and achieve solutions? Read the below testimonials on how RHI's consultation services benefitted Community stakeholders.

Kenneth Service, Vice Chancellor for Communications, University of Pittsburgh and Former Executive Director, Pittsburgh Council on Higher Education: RHI's process brought us together as collaborators instead of adversaries. On an institutional level, we have much better communication between city and university police, among university administrators, and between universities and community groups. We've shared best practices and have developed more uniform standards for students to be good neighbors.  

Brian Israel, President, River North Residents Association, Chicago, IL:  There is a place at the table for residents as advocates for engagement, balance, incentives, diversity and to assure development decisions are made locally rather than imposed by outsiders. The bottom line is that RHI’s approach deters crime, protects property values and improves the quality of life in mixed-use urban areas, while simultaneously promoting a more positive perception of the licensed beverage industry. 

Hanson Kappelman, Co-Chair, Oakwatch: The Oakland Code Enforcement Project, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: RHI created the only forum in the city of Pittsburgh that brings together city police, university police, university community relations and student affairs, the state liquor control board, sexual violence prevention, drug rehab, ordinary citizens and residents to work through challenges that affect residents on a daily basis in their neighborhoods. The continual sparking of ideas and collaboration has been invaluable.


Michael P. Smith, Director, Clinical Research Network, Florida State University,Tallahasseee, FL: RHI brings extraordinary expertise in managing the full range of issues associated with management of a nighttime economy. The entire staff is second-to-none based on demonstrated achievements inn Floridaa's capital city and home to over 60,000 college and university students.'s capital city and home to over 60,000 college and university students. 

Jim Mosher, Project Director, Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation: RHI plays a unique and important role in the alcohol policy field, particularly in its efforts to bring diverse groups together to discuss issues of mutual interest pertaining to alcohol sales and alcohol problems  

Tom Martin,  Editor in Chief, Business Lexington, Lexington, Kentucky: Critical relationships between citizens, our police force, and representatives of each city division, department and agency were forged as a direct result of RHI leadership. RHI was pivotal in helping us make a lot of progress that wouldn’t have been made without outside assistance. 

Kimberly Rosenberg, Commissioner, Smith Stag, LLC, New Orleans, LA:  RHI has the skill and experience to address your community's unique needs in order to create a collaboratively developed plan for a vibrant nighttime economy to exist within a residential neighborhood. Post-Katrina, RHI worked with the French Quarter-MarignyHistoric Area Management District (a political subdivision of the State created in 2007) to develop a plan for the revitalization of the nighttime economy. It was essential that the plan also address the concerns of the long-time residential communities of the both neighborhoods which, historically, was an uphill battle. The project outcome was a consensus-based plan reflective of the goals, needs and concerns of the hospitality industry, City government, local businesses AND the area's residents..

Development Testimonials

Development Stakeholders Comment on RHI Services

Are you seeking solutions to balance residents’ concerns, the economic vitality of nightlife, and impacts in your community? Read the below testimonials on how RHI's consultation services benefitted Development stakeholders.

Rusty Worley, Executive Director, Downtown Springfield Association MO  Through RHI's expertise, we established exceptional relationships with police, and expectations of being a good neighbor which are reinforced by peer support from bar and restaurant owners.


Betsy Jackson, President, The Urban Agenda: Cities are coming back, largely on the promise of unique dining, shopping and entertainment. Managing these vibrant, sometimes chaotic, environments requires new levels of cooperation and creativity. RHI is the only organization with the experience to guide local leaders, business owners, and citizens to success.


Vince Pardo, Manager, Ybor City Development Corporation: RHI has been a tremendous asset in late night economy research, best practices and helping us establish public policy and operational practices. 


Rachael Snedecor, Executive Director, Livermore, CA Downtown, Inc.: RHI has up-to-date info on the nighttime economy and consumer culture, which has consistently spawned ideas and new programs in our community.


Frank LaTorre, Director of Public Space, Providence Downtown Improvement District, Providence, RI: RHI enlightens with tangible, effective strategies. They have made a profound difference in controlling the robust nightlife situation we have downtown, with all the problems that comes with it. They are on the cutting edge of "managing the nighttime economy" in cities and towns.

Ron Redmond, Executive Director, Church Street Marketplace, Burlington, VT: RHI taught us how to bring our downtown stakeholders together to resolve issues and better plan, manage and police our hospitality district. The positive influence they've had on our downtown is invaluable.


Safety Stakeholders

Safety Stakeholders Comment on RHI Services 

Is your department struggling to allocate sufficient funds to public safety? Are your officers working over-time to manage nighttime safety impacts? RHI has helped several communities’ police departments to maximize safety with existing resources and reduce risk associated with nightlife crowds. Read the below testimonials on how RHI's consultation services benefitted Safety stakeholders.

Joseph H. Lumpkin, Sr., Chief of Police, Savannah Police Department: Through RHI's programs and events, I realized the importance in developing a new approach to policing entertainment districts to manage public safety. During the past 10 years, our community’s perspective of hospitality changed drastically from one of fear and uncertainty of alcohol licenses to one of economic development and enhancement of a higher quality of life. RHI assisted us in making the attitudinal and knowledge base change to safely navigate the cultural transformation and prepare for future adjustments.


Kathie Durbin, CPP, Director of Licensing and Education, Montgomery County, MD Department of Liquor Control: The Montgomery County Hospitality Resource Panel was formed in May 2000, and is funded through the Montgomery County Department of Liquor Control and Community Outreach office. Our involvement with RHI has enabled us to keep our finger on the pulse of hospitality and community concerns, issues and most importantly -- solutions. Our safety and business alliances conduct HRP business risk assessments as well as a new business orientation. We have been able to incorporate programs without “recreating the wheel.”


Jocelyn Kane, Executive Director, San Francisco Entertainment Commission:  RHI has been indispensable to The Entertainment Commission and City elected officials. They have provided expertise and guidance on how to maintain a vibrant, healthy and safe night time economy. Their research and knowledge of best practices have contributed to better policy making. I strongly believe that we have changed the nature of the relationship between City regulators and nightclub and bar owners as a result. The proof is apparent in the formation of San Francisco's first nightlife association, and the City's initiation of the first-ever study of the economic impact of the night time economy.


Ralph Egan, Sergeant, Chicago Police Department: The Responsible Hospitality Institute has helped make information on policing and public safety in nightlife areas available to the law enforcement community.  RHI has provided a forum to talk about these issues as they relate to entertainment venue locations across the country.


Kurt Matthews, Former Sergeant, Boulder, CO Police Department: Through RHI I realized City employees (specifically the Police Department) do an excellent job of planning for and controlling special events. Perhaps it is time to recognize that a special event occurs each Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night around 2am where several thousand people empty from various establishments at the same time. We are now working more collaboratively in addressing this and other challenges as our city grows and demand increases for more late night options.


Ed Book, Captain, Gainesville, FL Police Department:  RHI provides cutting edge information about real world bar district problems such as nighttime policing, crime prevention through environmental design, hours and closing times, crowd management, noise and occupancy, effective legislation and ordinances, and hospitality staff training.  


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