The Southeast Regional Summit on the Nighttime Economy brings a unique team of technical experts and practitioners to guide you through a process to conduct an assessment and formulate a short term action plan to enhance your nightlife.

Thomas C Chatmon, Jr., Executive Director of the Orlando Downtown Development Board (DDB) and Orlando Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) will provide an overview of Orlando's evolution and role the nighttime economy will play.

Jim Peters President, Responsible Hospitality Institute will bring insights and experience from working with almost 100 US and Canadian cities and information gathered as a presenter at conferences worldwide on the role of sociability and the nighttime economy.

Technical Experts

Peters will be joined by a distinguished panel of leaders from diverse perspectives shaping policy, practices and resource allocation to enhance vibrancy, assure safety and plan for people.

Jocelyn Kane
Executive Director
San Francisco Entertainment Commission

Marjorie Ferrer
Project Associate
Responsible Hospitality Institute

Paul Seres
Founding Trustee and Vice President
New York City Hospitality Alliance

Allison Harnden
Nighttime Economy Coordinator
City of Pittsburgh

Heath King
Charleston Police Department

Shain Shapiro
Founder and CEO
Sound Diplomacy
Music Cities Convention


Orlando, FL  — June 8-9, 2017


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