Why Attend?

This pre-event seminar is a unique training for anyone assigned to develop nightlife planning and management strategies in their city. A distinguished team of experts and practitioners will guide you through the stages of nighttime economy management.

Who Should Attend?

Among those who would most benefit from attending this seminar include:

  • Night Mayors/Night Managers/Nighttime Coordinators

  • Police Commanders

  • Business District Managers

  • Permitting or Licensing Agents

  • Planning or Zoning Staff

  • Hospitality Association Managers

Learning Objectives:

  • Steps to conduct a comprehensive assessment of your city's nightlife through the six core measures of safe, vibrant and well-planned nightlife.

  • Evaluate the economic, cultural and employment impact of your city's nightlife.

  • Assess the public safety costs of nightlife by compiling the top crime, harm and disorder indicators. 

  • Build an alliance of stakeholders who can facilitate change in your community and generate buy-in from elected officials.

  • Customize strategies to deploy police more efficiently, reduce quality of life impacts and better manage closing time transportation.

  • Create partnership models among public safety agencies and with nightlife venue operators to establish proactive communication.

  • Enhance your city's nightlife scene through live music and unique social opportunities.

  • Apply what you've learned in a nighttime tour of New Orleans' nightlife. 

What's Included?

The $180 registration fee brings a comprehensive package of learning and resources. You will also be among the first to complete this program and your participation will be celebrated at the closing Summit session.

You will receive:

  • Comprehensive Textbook

  • Training by Global Leaders in Nighttime Economy Management

  • Access to Online Tools and Templates

  • Organized Tour on Saturday night to apply the lessons learned

  • Certificate of Completion

  • Publicity Templates as Part of the First Graduates in Nighttime Economy Management


February 17–20, 2018: New Orleans, LA


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