The 2018 International Sociable City Leadership Summit provides a unique forum to showcase your city's approach to plan for people, assure safety and enhance vibrancy in your nighttime economy.

The 2017 Sociable City Leadership Summit in Austin provided a showcase of four cities:

Plan on coming to New Orleans and showcase your city's approach to:

Match the density of social activity with exemplary community standards and contemporary zoning to reduce impacts from noise, trash, crowds, bio-waste and incorporate a highly efficient nighttime transportation system.

Reduce risk and increase safety through strong collaborative partnerships from regulatory and compliance agencies to a dedicated team of officers and venues with trained service and security personnel to help prevent disorder and manage crowds

Create a continuum of day, evening and late-night social experiences for all ages and lifestyles with a variety of cafés, restaurants, music and nightclubs and when the street itself becomes a venue with outdoor dining, vendors, festivals and street performers.



February 17–20, 2018: New Orleans, LA


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