RHI’s 2017 Sociable City Leadership Summit in Austin, Texas convened a global network of almost 200 participants from 68 cities, 36 states and provinces and four countries to celebrate music and nightlife as economic drivers.

A series of panels, workshops and trendspotting discussions presented strategies on how to plan and manage nightlife to assure public safety, enhance vibrancy and maintain high quality of life for residents, students and entrepreneurs.

Nighttime Management and Public Safety

Philip Kolvin, Chair, London Nighttime Commission, joined his international counterparts on stage, including Jocelyn Kane, Executive Director, San Francisco Entertainment Commission and Mirik Milan, Amsterdam’s Night Mayor. This high-profile group of speakers kicked off the Monday morning session to set a framework for how nightlife can be overseen and nurtured in progressive cities. (view panel discussion)

The evolution of night commissions and night managers in cities worldwide is a sign that city leaders are embracing innovative approaches to manage an active nightlife and proactively address risks,” notes Jim Peters, RHI President.

Economic Studies of Music and Nightlife

Additional sessions focused on the unique nightlife challenges faced in College Cities, Destination Tourism Cities and in particular, Music Cities. To better understand trends and resources to address the challenges, a panel discussion highlighted the economic and employment impact of music and nightlife in Edmonton, Austin, Philadelphia, San Francisco and Washington DC. (view panel discussion)

Public Safety and Policing Nightlife Districts

Risk management is just as necessary as nightlife advocacy. The Major Cities Chiefs Association is a principal sponsor of the Summit, with a forty percent of attendees representing public safety departments, enforcement, regulatory and compliance agencies. Darrel Stephens, Executive Director, Major Cities Chiefs Association, moderated a timely panel on crisis management and response. Representatives from Orlando, Fort Myers, Philadelphia and Austin presented lessons learned from major nightlife incidents involving gun violence, terrorism and nightclub fires.



Southeast Regional

Orlando, FL - June 8-9, 2017


New Orleans, LA - February 2018


Monday, May 15

Nighttime Mobility: TNC's Evolving Role

Tuesday, June 13

Sound Management in Nightlife Districts


Final Program - February 2017

Panel Video: Nighttime Management

Panel Video: Economic Studies

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