RHI’s Sociable City Leadership Summit convenes a network of those seeking to maximize opportunity and reduce risk of a vibrant nighttime economy.

Whether you are a music city, college city or destination city, you can share your success and gather a toolkit and important networking contacts to manage your challenges.

Sociability is an Engine Driving Both Day and Nighttime Business Activity

The nighttime economy is not just based on revenue from restaurants, cafes, tap rooms, taverns, brew pubs and music venues.

The nighttime economy is also comprised of diverse daytime businesses. Restaurants rely on distributors and suppliers of food and beverages. Trash pick-up is critical for maintaining pest control. Nighttime businesses also use insurance agents, accountants and banks. They promote themselves through writers, graphic designers and media. Nightlife patrons buy special outfits and spa services in preparation for going out. They may take a train, bus or taxi to get to their destination.

Regardless of city size, neighborhoods and downtowns are the epicenter of social activity, through fairs, festivals and dining and entertainment districts.

RHI’s 2017 Sociable City Leadership Summit in Austin, Texas convened a global network of almost 185 participants from 66 cities, 32 states and provinces and 4 countries to celebrate music and nightlife as economic drivers. (Get the Program.)

Come to Orlando on June 8-9 for RHI's Regional Summit or make plans for the International Summit in New Orleans, scheduled for February 2018.

Upcoming Summits

Southeast Regional

Orlando - June 8-9, 2017


New Orleans - February 2018


Social offerings, such as entertainment venues and places to meet are among the 
top three reasons people choose where they live.

 Knight Foundation Soul of the Community Report   


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RHI is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 1983 with a mission to assist businesses and communities to plan safe and vibrant places to socialize. RHI's Sociable City events create an organized  opportunity to connect and share information with peers and access resources from RHI. 
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