Jim Peters is Founder and President of RHI and oversees development of programs, events and publications. He is a global thought leader who offers comprehensive insights on trends and effective strategies on managing nighttime economies.

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Alicia Scholer is RHI's Associate Director. She is responsible for project management, content writing, marketing collateral and social media strategy. She has managed logistics and developed reports for dozens of Hospitality Zone Assessments.

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Marjorie Ferrer's extensive experience working with all aspects of redeveloping downtowns and small towns. She has created strategies and implemented tactics that have proven successful in redevelopment of many Florida towns and cities.

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Jocelyn Kane is the former Executive Director of the San Francisco Entertainment Commission (SFEC). Her 15-year tenure at SFEC was instrumental in creation of internal systems, citywide agency connections and best practices and policies.

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DIANA DOMINgUEZ serves as the Media Coordinator coordinating website development, webinar archives, online program development.

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Technical Consultants

Greg Mullen served as Charleston Police Chief from 2006 through 2017. Mullen created a Responsible Hospitality Group comprised of members of the hospitality and retail industries to help identify key concerns and areas for improvement in the City’s growing nightlife, festivals and special events.

Allison HarNden is the Pittsburgh Nighttime Economy Manager. She assumed this position after working with the Responsible Hospitality Institute (RHI) as an employee and consultant for almost 20 years, guiding 45 communities in creating safe social spaces.

Macarena Rau is an architect, Magister and PHD (C) in Architecture and Urbanism with wide experience leading urban and public safety projects and initiatives in Chile, Latin America and the Caribbean. She is current chair of the International Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) Association.

Mirik Milan was appointed as Amsterdam’s Night Mayor in 2012 and his work ensures a dynamic and safe nightlife and helps to build bridges between the municipality, businesses and residents. In 2017 he will have presented at 30 international cities on the value of nighttime management.

Paul Davies is a leader in developing the concept of diversification in the leisure and night-time economy. Since the early 2000s he focused on the research, development and roll-out of the Purple Flag accreditation scheme.

JC DIAZ is First Vice President of the International Nightlife Association. He is a primary collaborator and North American liaison for the annual INA Congress in Ibiza and works closely with associations and nightlife businesses in Spain

Amy Terrill is the Executive Vice President of Music Canada and lead author of The Mastering of a Music City, a globally acclaimed study sponsored by IFPI that identifies the key elements and benefits of a music city along with effective strategies to build the sector at the local level.

Jon Stover is an expert in neighborhood revitalization and public-private economic development initiatives. He specializes in market analysis, fiscal and economic impact analysis, and economic development strategies.

Paul Seres owns and operates nightlife venues and restaurants in Manhattan and is a founding trustee of the New York City Hospitality Alliance. Seres is active in collaborating with NY Police Department and community organizations in promoting best practices on safety and security.




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