YOUR CHALLENGES AND STRATEGIES are central to the Summit programs and designed to engage everyone in active small group discussions.

FACILITATORS AND TECHNICAL EXPERTS will introduce topics and guide discussion towards consensus on emerging issues and successful strategies.

SHARE YOUR OWN and tap into the collective experience and wisdom of other attendees.

The following provides highlights of 2019 sessions being development.

Build a team to join in sharing your city's experience at the 2019 Sociable City Summit.

  • Champions of Nightlife: Does your City Have One?
  • Localism, Hospitality and Nightlife Associations
  • Sociable City Showcase Presentations
  • Office of Nightlife: One Year Later
  • Trendspotting Forum: Night Managers ­& Night Mayors

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  • College-City Alliances: Students and Nightlife Challenges
  • Mobility Hubs: Efficient Egress at Closing Time
  • Bike and Scooter Safety and Security
  • Nighttime Retail, Museums and Libraries as Social Spaces
  • Cannabis Legislation and Nightlife
  • Design Downtown for Women (and men will follow) Book Authors Forum
  • Trendspotting Forum: Sound Management Policy and Practice

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  • Major Cities Police Chiefs Forum
  • The Public Safety Director: An Emerging Role for Building a Nighttime Alliance
  • CPTED and SARA Applied to Nighttime Public Safety
  • Sexual Violence: Stalking, Harassment, and Assault Prevention Programs
  • Place of Last Drink as a Prevention Tool
  • Trendspotting Forum: Technology and Privacy

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  • The Music City: Key Elements, Effective Strategies and Why it’s Worth it
  • Investing in Talent Development to Preserve Cultural Heritage
  • Trends and Impacts of the Craft Beverage Movement
  • Professional Development of Hospitality and Music Entrepreneurs
  • Preserving and Developing Space for Small and Medium Music Venues
  • Social Occupancy Inventory: A District Approach to Planning Social Spaces
  • The Value of Diversity in the Fusion of Food, Music, Drink and Dance
  • Trendspotting Forum: The Future of High Capacity Venues

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