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Premiere Authority on Nightlife Violence

Author & Researcher Kate Graham Presents New Study Findings

Archive Recording Available for Network Members

Although most bar patrons go out to socialize, studies show that drinking establishments are common settings for aggression and injury. Author Kathryn Graham will present her latest research on how to reduce aggression in licensed premises. Find out how to turn research into practice!

This is a Must-Attend Webinar for policymakers to address residents’ concerns about public safety, police officers who manage closing time, and nightlife security staff who want practical advice on how to make their venue safer and reduce liability risk.

Discussion Topics

  • Existing Interventions and Policies: Overview of what works well, what has limited effectiveness and some potential next steps.

  • Hotspots for Fights: Learn the highest-risk locations in a venue for aggression to escalate.

  • Motives and Aggression Severity: Learn how to identify motives and implications for staff intervention.

  • Motives for Sexual Aggression: Explore reasons why persistent and aggressive unwanted sexual overtures occur in bars.

  • Why people are aggressive in bars and clubs: A closer look at evidence and theory 

Kate Graham Biography

Kathryn Graham Ph.D, Psychology

Senior Scientist and Head of Social and Community Prevention Research
Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH)

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Raising the Bar: Preventing Aggression In and Around Bars, Pubs and Clubs

This publication co-authored by Kate Graham provides a definitive review of bar room environments and guidelines for the prevention of aggression, violence and injury in and around public drinking establishments. Purchase through the Sociable City Network.



Resource Documents

Contact the Author Directly to Request the Following Research Documents:

Email Kate Graham

  • Behavioural Indicators of Motives for Aggression

  • ‘Hotspots’ for Aggression in Licensed Drinking Venues

  • Commentary on Rossow and Norström (2012): When should bars close?

  • “Yes, I do but not with you”: Qualitative analyses of sexual/romantic overture-related aggression in bars and clubs

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