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Business and Culture of NY Nightlife 

Author Gamal Hennessy Presents the Nightlife Cultural Initiative

Archive Recording Available for Network Members 

A strong nightlife industry stimulates job creation, tourism, social connection and cultural development. However, if public perception focuses on the negative aspects of nightlife and ignores the benefits, the entire industry and its related markets can suffer. The city as a whole can be weakened.

Gamal Hennessy, author of Seize the Night and President of the Nightlife Cultural Initiative (NCI), will discuss NCI’s mission to redefine the perception of nightlife and increase support for this vital aspect of urban life in the public sphere.

Discussion Topics

  • Cultural impact: An overview of the artistic, epicurean, and social elements of nightlife that both create culture for patrons and generate revenue for businesses.

  • Financial impact: A description of the direct and indirect economic impact of nightlife, including jobs, tax revenue, tourism and associated economic activity.

  • Social challenges: A look at the negative aspects of nightlife that dominate the media discussion and create an overall negative image.

  • Political issues: The impact that the negative image of nightlife has in terms of public policy, local politics, and legislation.

  • Changing the discussion: A model for leveraging the strengths of nightlife to change public perception and improve the relationship between nightlife and the wider community. 

Gamal Hennessy Biography

President, Nightlife Cultural Initiative

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Seize the Night: The Business and Culture of New York Nightlife

This publication by Gamal Hennessy provides a comprehensive look at the benefits and struggles of the multibillion-dollar New York nightlife industry. He outlines the historical and cultural contributions provided by nightlife, and explores the social elements that contribute to nightlife's notorious reputation. Purchase.



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