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John Thayer: Author Showcase

Your Essential Guide to Policing Entertainment Districts

Archive Recording Available for Network Members

Nightlife and entertainment are the principal catalysts of urban redevelopment and revitalization. Yet these activities create unique challenges for public safety and strain police resources. As timely and ground-breaking as the day it was published, John Thayer and Blair Berkley’s research paper, “Policing Entertainment Districts” was released in Policing: An International Journal of Police Strategies and Management.

Now, John Thayer will review the results of thirty police-manager interviews and a nationwide survey used to identify entertainment-district features that create problems and demands for police resources. This information was used to develop effective strategies for policing entertainment districts.

Learn from John Thayer how to effectively engineer out problems, form a dedicated policing unit and train personnel to ensure district safety with existing resources.

 Discussion Topics

  • Proactive Policing: The philosophy that it is less costly and more labor-effective to prevent problems before they occur through planning, education, training and communication.

  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED): Find out how design decisions made at the venue and district level are a critical component of reducing risk.

  • Dedicated Unit: The backbone of effective entertainment policing, a dedicated unit can prevent problems through communication with venues, presence on the street and specialized training.

  • Officer Selection & Unit Structure: Learn how to select officers for the dedicated unit and how to optimally structure the unit for your hospitality zone.

  • Special Deployment Strategies for specific areas or events can help deescalate unruly crowds prior to the onset of fights.

  • Best Practices will be shared from police departments across the nation to provide insight into useful tactics, tools and ordinances.

  • Crowd Management strategies to diffuse tensions when large crowds gather.

  • Multi-Agency Collaboration: Holistic public safety requires communication and coordination between a variety of city stakeholders.

John Thayer Biography

John Thayer

Co-Author, Research Paper: Policing Entertainment Districts

John Thayer is a nationally recognized expert on community policing, special event management and public safety planning.  Mr. Thayer retired as a senior manager with the Santa Barbara California Police Department. He is now an entertainment zone consultant in the private and public sector, and has worked with several major cities to address public safety issues in popular entertainment districts. Read More  


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