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Seattle's 8 Point Plan for a 24/7 City

A Great American Music City's Approach to Nightlife Safety & Vitality

Tuesday, October 30 --- Recorded Archive Available for Network Members

Seattle launched a comprehensive Nightlife Initiative in 2010 covering a full spectrum of nightlife strategies. The critical components of this overarching nightlife safety and vitality plan include guidelines for addressing noise complaints, security training and the role of a multi-agency code compliance team.

Learn how a broad base of stakeholders, including the Mayor, City Council, the Seattle Office of Film and Music, a dedicated staff member for nightlife coordination, and the Seattle Music and Nightlife Association, worked together on nightlife strategies to sustain Seattle as a popular destination and a Great American Music City.

Discussion Topics

  • An overview of Seattle’s 8-Point Nightlife Initiative will be provided:

    1. Code Compliance: A collaborative approach to enforcement involving multiple departments and jurisdictions.

    2. Service Hours: Working with the State to allow more flexible service hours.

    3. Noise Ordinance Enforcement: Being responsive and fair to situations involving noise complaints.

    4. Security Training: Ensuring that establishments employ well-trained security staff.

    5. Precinct Community Outreach: Building stronger relationships between police and community to manage ongoing issues.

    6. Professional Development: Promoting best practices and educational opportunities for nightlife establishments.

    7. Transportation Options: Making sure everyone has a way to get home safely via the “Park it; Cab it; Transit” campaign encompassing taxi stands, overnight parking and bus service.

    8. Public Nuisances: A responsible approach to addressing undesirable behavior.



James Keblas


City of Seattle, Mayor's Office of Film and Music



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