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Wellington, New Zealand: City Showcase

Prevent Alcohol-related Harm through Licensing &
Community-driven Campaigns

Tuesday, June 26 --- Recorded Archive Available for Network Members

New Zealand's capital city of Wellington has a Central Business District with 336 licensed nightlife premises. A coalition of multiple stakeholders partner to reduce alcohol-related harm while maintaining a high quality experience for locals and visitors.

In March 2012, a new Alcohol Reform Bill will introduce unprecedented legislation pertaining to nightlife districts and licensed venues. Topics to be addressed include certification of nightlife venue managers, responsible promotion of alcohol, and new conditions for venue licensing.

Learn how the city has taken a comprehensive approach to reduce alcohol-related harm in a city accredited by the World Health Organization as a “Safer Community.”

Discussion Topics

  • Nightlife Management Plan: Components of a successful plan for managing a nightlife venue district.

  • Risk-Based Licenses: Learn how  venue licensing and fee determination is based upon a venue’s risk level.

  • Licensee Forum: A self-regulatory model for nightlife venue staff to mentor, collaborate, and receive positive recognition for achievements in nightlife safety.

  • Most Popular Training Topics: Find out the most attended curriculum topics for education of venue staff.

  • Pre-Loading: Find out how this contributor to intoxication is addressed via new off-premise legislation.

  • Reduce Emergency Room Visits: Learn how the presence of a staffed First Aid post in key nightlife areas has led to a 2/3 reduction in the number of emergency room visits related to alcohol.

  • Community Input into Local Alcohol Licensing Decisions: Get an overview of Wellington’s approach to community input via the Reform Bill’s new legislation.

  • University Campaigns: The “Stay Safe in the City” campaign has been a huge success in messaging the college-age population about safety issues in nightlife. Find out how the campaign works.



Laurie Gabites

City Safety Projects

Wellington City Council, New Zealand Recipient of the Queens Service Medal



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