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Sound complaints rise with housing development in or near nightlife venues and districts.

In New York City the number grew from 86,365 calls in 2010 to 179,394 in 2015, with clubs and bars accounting for 93,412 complaints in 2015.

Managing the source and transference of sound requires robust partnerships between planners, developers and nightltime businesses.

This webinar will showcase two of the most progressive nightlife cities on their approach to sound management: Austin and San Francisco.

Lessons to be Learned from this Webinar

  • What makes a city a "music city"?

  • How to move past the "Who was here first (residents or businesses)?" argument to a "How can we make this work together?" approach.

  • Incentivizing businesses to establish good sound management policies.

  • New standards for residential development in nightlife districts.

  • Subsidies and matching grants for businesses to upgrade their sound systems: why the benefit outweighs the cost.

  • Best sound systems and layout for mitigating sound impacts on the surrounding community.

  • Proactively anticipating and addressing sound impacts with new commercial or residential developments in already dense districts.

Webinar Presenters

Jocelyn Kane
Executive Director
San Francisco
Entertainment Commission

Jocelyn Kane works with the commission to accept, review and gather information to conduct hearings for entertainment applications, with systems to incentivize entertainment venues and residential developers to take proactive measures to reduce sound impacts and conflicts. The Commission maintains online safety and security guides and annual Nitey Awards. The Office of Economic and Workforce Development worked closely with the Entertainment Commission to develop to support San Francisco’s nightlife and entertainment businesses.

Don Pitts


Sound Music Cities, LLC

Don Pitts is the President of Sound Music Cities, LLC based in Austin, TX. Sound Music Cities is the leading advisor to cities seeking practical solutions for sound issue management of their growing music and entertainment economy. 

Don’s perspective and expertise as the “sound whisperer” comes from his unique blend of public and private sector experience across 25 years in the music and entertainment industry. Don has done it all from managing bands and venues to entertainment relations for Gibson Guitar to launching the City of Austin’s Music and Entertainment Division.

Since 2010, Don served as the head of City of Austin's Economic Development Department’s Music & Entertainment Division, where he reduced sound complaints by 70%.  


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