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2013 Webinar Archives

Access City Leaders and Expert Presenters From Your Desktop 

Learn how cities worldwide successfully plan and manage nightlife. A panel of speakers presents a comprehensive approach to manage a variety of impacts and support opportunities for vitality. 
Cities and speakers with exemplary track records will share how they overcame obstacles and made improvements in one or more of the six core elements of hospitality zone development.  

2013 Archived Webinars

February 26

Calgary City Showcase

Innovative Ways to Make Nightlife Safer and More Vibrant

Collaboration is the key to a vibrant late night economy. Representatives from the City of Calgary, Police Service and the Downtown Association talk about the many ways they collaborate – from policy development to enforcement operations – and clean streets to vibrant spaces. More Information

March 26

Drugs, Alcohol and Nightlife

How Communities and Nightlife Venues can Reduce Harm

The consumption of mind-altering substances like alcohol and other drugs can present challenges for management and safety. Increased law enforcement and security alone cannot create effective solutions, and are often counterproductive to the relationship between venues, patrons and the community. This webinar will feature progressive and innovative strategies to manage intoxication in and around nightlife venues that focus on health, safety and benefits to all stakeholders. More Information

April 23

San Francisco City Showcase

Model Policy that Balances Safety with Fun

San Francisco is a world-class destination to live, work and play. Learn about the role of a government commission in reviewing entertainment permit applications and mediating disputes. The annual Nightlife Summit and CA Music and Culture Association keep nightlife venues informed about trends and foster peer collaboration.

More Information

May 21

Nightlife Challenges in College Towns

Striking a Balance between College Social Life and Personal Accountability

Lincoln, Nebraska and Springfield, Missouri both host a large population of college students in proximity to nightlife district destinations. Learn how these cities partner police, bar owners, community groups, and universities to share public safety strategies and ensure student accountability. More Information

July 23

Security and technology

Training, Tools and Techniques to Improve Safety in Social Venues

This webinar will provide a lively discussion about recent legislation requiring security staff training, highlights of what training should cover, methods for presentation, and use of private providers vs. police or a combination of the two. An overview of technological tools that check age, monitor occupancy, and identify "problem patrons" will also be provided. More Information

August 27

Milwaukee City Showcase

Enhancing the Nighttime Economy through Partnerships and Licensing

The city of Milwaukee launched a series of initiatives in response to the rapid growth of downtown’s nighttime economy. Recognizing nightlife as an economic driver, strategies provide a balance of support and proactive public safety. A foundation of trust takes work, time and ongoing effort. Hear how police, food truck vendors, policy makers and residents opened dialogue and established partnerships to build a better downtown. You’ll learn how Milwaukee virtually eliminated the presence of aggressive transients, public drinking, and significantly reduced aggravated assaults and thefts of vehicles.

More Information

September 24

Zoning for the Nighttime Economy

The Tipping Point Between Vibrancy and Chaos

This webinar will explore how cities use zoning tools to maintain a balance of day, evening and late-night uses in social districts with mixed use development.

A facilitated discussion with representatives from four cities will explore what’s working, what’s not and what might be a positive future direction for planning and zoning to achieve an ideal balance of vibrancy, safety and quality of life.More Information


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