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2016 Webinar Schedule

Access City Leaders and Expert Presenters From Your Desktop 

Learn how cities worldwide successfully plan and manage nightlife. A panel of speakers presents a comprehensive approach to address a variety of nightlife risks and support opportunities for vitality. 
Cities and speakers with exemplary track records will share how they overcame obstacles and made improvements in one or more of the six core elements of hospitality zone development.  



9:00 - 10:00 AM
Pacific Time


Does Your City Need a Night Manager?

A Global Movement Brings Structure to the Nighttime

The concept of a Night Manager or Night Mayor is reaching a growing number of cities that are establishing positions to enhance sociability as an economic engine while minimizing impacts on public safety and quality of life from the intensity of nighttime activity.

This webinar features a discussion among the pioneers from Europe and the United States on how they became a focal point for nightlife development.  (read more)



10:00 - 11:00 AM
Pacific Time


Sexual Assault and Aggression in Nightlife

Strategies to Reduce Risk and Promote Safety

From the White House and Congress to colleges and universities throughout the country, there is growing awareness of the need for guidelines to reduce sexual aggression and assault on campuses and in nightlife districts. There are emerging practices by nightlife venues to improve security training, raise awareness of staff and patrons of risk factors, and collaborate with community advocacy organizations in promoting social marketing messages. .

This webinar features a review of research and case studies of training and social marketing. (read more)



10:00 - 11:00 AM
Pacific Time


Policing Nightlife in College Communities

Building Trust and Productive Relations

Cities with large and growing college student populations, often living in downtown housing complexes close to nightlife districts, are especially challenged to find solutions to public concerns about late-night safety and security. The burden often falls onto police departments, with a first response of deployment of additional officers and aggressive crowd control tactics at closing time.

This webinar features presentations on how two police departments reoriented their approach and improved relations with businesses and communities, and improved public safety, reduced crime and disorder. (read more)



1:00 - 2:00 pm
Pacific Time


Studentification of Downtown

Managing the Impact of Students  on Downtown

While student enrollment grows in many colleges and universities, student housing hasn’t kept pace, leading to more students who are forced to move into traditional residential neighborhoods. Development companies are also taking advantage of this opportunity, building student oriented “dormitory style apartments” or houses in traditional neighborhoods and converting to student apartments.

This webinar features presentations on how two cities have approached the challenges of off-campus housing, house parties and maintaining order and good neighbor relations. (read more




9:00 - 10:00 AM
Pacific Time


A Global Movement to Create and Manage Music Cities

A global movement seeks to bring the concept of "music cities" to government and industry leaders and how a thriving music ecosystem can enhance economic development. At the same time, major urban center growth of residential housing can threaten a vibrant music economy, whether festivals or late night music venues, as community groups express concerns about sound, drugs, disorder and crime. .

This webinar features an in-depth discussion on how music facilitates economic development, enriches the life of residents and visitors, and is an instrument of progressive development. Learn how organized business associations and health advocates work to improve relations and reduce risk. (read more)

2017 Webinar Proposals

We are seeking proposals for 2017 Webinars. Some potential themes:

  • City Showcase: How has your city developed strategies to become a "sociable city" to enhance vibrancy, assure safety and plan for people. Organize a group from difference perspectives and share your success.

  • Core Element Presentation: Select a Core Element and submit a strategy you developed and we'll team you up with others for a special session.

  • Research: Share results of a research study focused on managing the nighttime economy.

  • Policy: Has your city introduced new policy to establish standards on zoning, licensing, incentives? Present the history and how the policy is working.

  • Building Alliances: Do you have a Public Safety Compliance Team, Hospitality and Nightlife Alliance or other alliance? Share your strategies?

  • Your Suggestion: Come up with your own theme or strategy.

 If you want to showcase your city's success or present an educational session, visit to present an abstract.


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