The two closing speakers from the Seattle Summit provided great insights on trends in nightlife. Surprisingly each also laid a foundation that predicted the consideration for the future of the social economy, just as announcements were made about COVID-19.

Dow Constantine will be the opening speaker at the 2021 Summit. Philip Kolvin will moderate a panel of thought leaders on their perspectives of what the future holds in the social economy.


Philip Kolvin, INSPIRATIONAL SPEAKER brought his experience as former chair, London Nighttime Commission, Purple Flag and Best-Bar-None. He brilliantly consolidated the lessons from Summit sessions providing a solid framework for the future of life at night, and how cities were adapting to the changes impacting nightlife.

The framework Kolvin presented is as relevant today toward recovery as cities seek solutions to be ready for transition and transformation to a new normal in life at night.

Listen to Philip Kolvin's closing session.


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