Cannabis Joins Alcohol and Caffeine as Recreational Choice in Sociability


BEER, WINE, SPIRITS, COFFEE, TEA AND COCA COLA are beverage choices that have been linked to social, cultural, economic and political trends. They have either been considered a risk or benefit to health and society at various points in time. In The History of the World in Six Glasses, author Tom Standage traces the role of each beverage in shaping social interaction.


The intoxicating effects of alcohol and caffeine are well known and an accepted part of modern life and society. Legalization of recreational use of cannabis is accelerating, whether in states or countries, and will bring more attention to the impacts on sociability in public places.

The dynamics of how cannabis products will be integrated into the economy and how the perceived risks will be mitigated is being discussed and debated.  The changes will certainly shift law enforcement priorities and provide windfall resources to city and state government. The production, distribution, sale and taxation are melding into traditional models, yet in most cases, prevent public consumption.

This will be a TRENDSPOTTING DISCUSSION for you to bring your own experience and insights on this important trend in sociability.


  • What is the future of cannabis and THC use in social venues
  • Is the alcohol regulatory model a good fit for cannabis regulation?
  • What are the compliance challenges for public use when recreational legislation is implemented?
  • What is the future of cannabis legalization and impact on sociability?


John Bodnovich
RHI Board
Executive Director
American Beverage Licensees

John Bodnovich represents thousands of beverage retail stores and social venues.

He brings important insights on how his members are reacting to changes, how they will engage in the cannabis economy, and how alcohol beverage producers and distributors are making significant investments in emerging cannabis companies.

Jocelyn Kane
RHI Senior Consultant
Former Executive Director
San Francisco Entertainment Commission

California represents one of the largest cannabis markets and the state's policy will be a template for other states and cities legalizing recreational use.

Jocelyn Kane was involved in developing San Francisco's regulations, and currently represents a Cannabis association in Southern California.

Her insights will add to the discussion about implications to city planners and social venues.

Stefanie Jones
Director, Audience Development
Drug Policy Alliance

Stefanie Jones  oversees communication and outreach to specific communities on drug use and drug policy topics.

She has assisted in advocacy efforts to pass most of the major marijuana legalization laws in the United States, including those in Colorado, Washington, Washington DC and California, and will be assisting with upcoming campaigns in New York, New Jersey and New Mexico.


Colorado is the first state to legalize recreational Cannabis use. Michael Gross has served in a metro area Police Department for over 26 years.  Mike has served in several aspects of police work including: Patrol, Investigations, Command and as the city’s Emergency Manager and is certified as an International Crime Prevention Specialist.




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