The first phase of the process is designed to achieve buy-in to engage the city's leadership, observe the social and nighttime experience firsthand, and recruit stakeholders to participate in an Orientation and Roundtables.

The city’s project steering group will be oriented to the process to learn how to recruit a broad base of diverse stakeholders. This steering group, called a Transformation Team, will be selected for their foresight in identification of trends and understanding of the “big picture.” Members have demonstrated leadership skills as well as access to key stakeholders with the resources and authority to institute change. Representation on the Transformation Team will be limited to approximately 12 to 15 individuals.


 Project Outcomes

The HZA process achieves the following objectives:

  • ESTABLISH productive dialogue and partnerships
  • IDENTIFY and document  trends, issues and gaps
  • ORGANIZE a procedural system to document data
  • EVALUATE current policies and regulations
  • SET priorities and consensus




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