Music is the Heartbeat of Sociability: Saving the Incubator Venues

MUSIC SURROUNDS OUR DAILY LIFE.  Music wakes us up in the morning, motivates us to exercise and can elicit smiles or tears during our favorite movies and TV shows. It is a critical part of the social experience when dining, drinking and dancing.

Like the air we breathe, we take it for granted until is stops

Global music advocates recognize the importance of the “creative footprint” of a city—measured by the number of spaces for artists to compose, rehearse and perform. Supporting an infrastructure of music education and development is a critical part of sustaining a vibrant music industry.

Yet there are many threats and barriers to this fragile, yet vital economic sector—rising rents, health insurance, government fees and permits, music licensing, access to studios, education and performance opportunities—the presence or absence of these factors can determine the health of a city’s music culture.


The session will be an open forum among advocates and practitioners with Summit participants on these discussion topics:

  • What role is the DIY movement having on a city’s investment in music and performance venues?
  • Are regulations on sound and licensing stifling the evolution of a music culture in a city?
  • What role does government and private sector leaders have in advocating for resources to support creative talent and incubator spaces for them to perform?
  • How can composers and performers be fairly compensated?
  • How can cities support “creatives” with the growing forces of development and gentrification of cities?
  • How can the continuum of studio practice, busking, karaoke, small venues, performance venues, events, festivals and streaming apps be enhanced through the music ecosystem?



Allison Harnden
Nighttime Economy Manager
Pittsburgh, PA

Laura wilson
Live Music Manager
Bohemian Foundation
Fort Collins, CO

Bar Manager and Community Liaison
9:30 Club
Washington, DC

Founder and President
World Cafe Live/ LiveConnections
Philadelphia, PA





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