SAFETY AND SECURITY in social venues requires a formal alliance among management, staff and public safety agencies. Nightlife venues face exceptional responsibility to protect patrons from a variety of safety risks: terrorism, active shooters, sexual harassment and assault, and alcohol-related harm. Now more than ever, nightlife venues can collaborate on standards and training to elevate safety.

BUILDING HOSPITALITY ALLIANCES to establish standards and promote compliance is evolving just as formal nightlife offices and nighttime managers are created to coordinate citywide initiatives.

THIS WEBINAR WILL FEATURE three associations and their approach to achieve collaboration and cooperation to manage risk and enhance sociability. As you listen to each presenter, you will see how local, state/province and international alliances can form and advance new standards in nightlife safety and security.

  • The Arlington County Police Department has partnered with County agencies to establish the Arlington Restaurant Initiative (ARI). ARI is a voluntary accreditation program to provide restaurant owners and staff with resources to maximize their safety and economic viability.
  • THE ONTARIO RESTAURANT, HOTEL AND MOTEL ASSOCIATION is dedicated to fostering a positive business climate for Ontario's hospitality industry. The Training & Education portfolio of the ORHMA is committed to providing members with current and value added training programs and access to educational resources.
  • THE INTERNATIONAL NIGHTLIFE ASSOCIATION'S Triple Excellence” distinction evaluates a nightlife venue’s degree of excellence to measure and certify nightlife safety, acoustic quality and service quality.


Join in a discussion following a presentation about each program on these topics:

  • Safety, Security, Control: What is the difference? What are the outcomes from each? What potential liability is there for failing to improve security?
  • Building Alliances: What are the challenges in organizing nightlife venues to join together? How have you overcome the challenges?
  • Voluntary or Mandatory: When is it necessary to require standards or training? Will organized voluntary standards lead to more regulation or less?


Camilo Ospina

Colombia Nightlife Association
Vice President
International Nightlife Association

Dimitrios Mastoras

Master Police Officer
Restaurant Liaison Unit
Arlington County Police Department

Tony Elenis

President & CEO
Ontario Restaurant, Hotel and Motel Association


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