What's the future of nightlife? That's the question we're asking 75 thought leaders, practitioners and technical experts from 42 cities and 23 states/provinces.

Reopening guides are already out for individual bars and restaurants to reopen safely. What is missing is a comprehensive reopening, recovery and long-term viability guide for social districts that serve as destinations for multiple nightlife venues.

Cities have an opportunity to make nightlife better than "normal"— cleaner, safer and more vibrant. Nightlife post-COVID has the potential to be more diverse, inclusive and equitable in patronage, ownership and programming.

Here at RHI, we are using this period of "pause" to adapt our team building and action plan development process as a virtual service.

RHI’s Hospitality Zone Assessment (HZA) is a strategic process for cities seeking to evaluate, improve and create a sustainable process for nightlife safety and vibrancy. Over a period of six months, RHI staff and consultants conduct focus groups and collect data to drill deep into strengths, weaknesses and opportunities in three case study districts. Twelve additional months are dedicated to action plan implementation and evaluation.





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