"RHI provides relevant and impactful information for downtown managers, law enforcement professionals, and others working in entertainment and nightlife districts."

~ Raphael Clemente, West Palm Beach, FL


"A must attend event for all city stakeholders in the day/nightlife and hospitality industries."

~ JC Diaz, International Nightlife Association


"We have to always service people with facts instead of emotions when it comes to nightlife policies. This leadership summit give hands-on ideas and input for my day-to-day work."

~ Mirik Milan, Amsterdam


"I found the Summit to be a must attend for any responsible operator that understands the benefits of communication between stakeholders and city departments. The lessons learned in a few days pay dividends over your career."

~ Bob Simpson, Sacramento, CA


"Join us at the Summit where you will create new relationships through social interactions and obtain knowledge and the opportunity to explore the limits of what we know."

~ Christy Caputo, Boca Raton, FL


"I learned as much from other attendees as I did from the sessions! The networking experience was equally as valuable as the programming to a newcomer like myself."

~ Emily Embrey, Pittsburgh, PA


"The Sociable City Leadership Summit was successful in broadening my perspective to show how stakeholders from across multiple disciplines can work together to foster and promote a lively, prosperous, diverse and safe nighttime economy."

~ Benjamin Soltesz, Pittsburgh, PA


"After attending the RHI Summit for the first time in 2017, I'd highly suggest any already established entertainment/nightlife districts to attend as well as any districts that are currently under development or revitalization."

~ Jon Shivers, Beale Street, Memphis, TN


"City planners, Nightlife entrepreneurs and law enforcement sharing issues and ideas: That's collaboration."

~ John Hart, New York Police Department


"I was excited to meet such amazing colleagues from around the world and to learn that we all share similar opportunities and challenges. I especially appreciated the participation of experts from diverse industries. We are, after all, charting out the new city vibe!"


Frank LaTorre, Executive Director

Providence Downtown Improvement District led 200 people in a Second Line parade at the 2018 Sociable City Summit in New Orleans

Mirik Milan

Night Mayor, Amsterdam

Greg DeShields


Enjoy a welcome reception at an iconic location where you'll get to network with peers. (Pictured: Gene Meneray and Ashlye Keaton, the Ella Project; Amy Terrill, Music Canada)


2018 Sociable City Nighttime Management Academy panel with Jim Peters, RHI; Mirik Milan, Amsterdam; Allison Harnden, Pittsburgh; Jocelyn Kane, San Francisco; and Philip Kolvin, London.




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