From Social Distance to the New Sociability

RHI Presents What the Future Holds for Nightlife and the Social Economy

Virtual happy hours, streaming concerts and Zoom dates are some of the ways people are connecting in digital spaces. As hard as it is to imagine, sometime soon, people will be allowed to re-enter social spaces.

Virtual connections will be replaced with in-real-life connections. Friends, coworkers, family and loved ones will reunite in cafes, restaurants, pubs, bars, nightclubs and music venues. These will be the spaces where stories will be shared and healing will take place with food, drink, music and dance.

Now is the time to prepare for social districts to re-open to ensure a smooth recovery for this vital industry. New standards are already being developed for venues. However, a coordinated approach has not yet been considered on a district-wide or city-wide level.

RHI's 2020 Virtual Forum Series begins with an overview of what to expect in your community as nightlife shuts down and steps to be taken to help businesses survive and recover.



jim peters
Responsible Hospitality Institute

  • How the current pandemic is impacting life at night and sociability
  • Preliminary considerations in preparing for recovery
  • Developing voluntary standards to manage patron concerns
  • New sociability after COVID-19
  • Application of RHI's Building Blocks and Core Measures to recovery
  • Evolving role of regulatory and compliance agencies
  • Building alliances for an action plan




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