The invitational process seeks to assure a balance of perspectives while maintaining a manageable group size for active participation and contribution. The Coordinator and members of the Transformation Team will recruit stakeholders to attend the Orientation and Seminars and be part of six Roundtable focus groups:

Project Representation in Action Plan Development

In addition to diversity of perspectives, the HZA process engages a broad a mix of stakeholders:

  • District Representatives: Hospitality zones evolve in different stages, with each bringing important insights on nightlife’s evolution in the city and how best to plan and manage growth and activity.
  • Strategic Thinkers: Having a global view of long-term development planning requires individuals with access to resources, authority to direct key representation on Action Teams and ability to advance and advocate for policy improvements.
  • Tactical Practitioners: Process participants will also include people involved in the day-to-day operations for their industry segment as well as those involved in education, training and compliance.

Game-changing innovations are not created in a vacuum.
They require vision, imagination and the ability to see what doesn't exist today.
This only really happens when a truly multidimensional team comes together to share ideas and collaborate.
 ~ John Banovetz ~



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