Jim Peters is Founder and President of RHI and oversees development of programs, events and publications. He is a global thought leader who offers comprehensive insights on trends and effective strategies on managing nighttime economies.

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LILIANA CORTES serves as RHI's Communication Coordinator, while also managing all social media platforms @sociablecity

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Alicia Scholer is RHI's Vice President. She is responsible for project management, content writing, marketing collateral and social media strategy. She has managed logistics and developed reports for dozens of Hospitality Zone Assessments.

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SusaN HERNANDEZ serves as the Media Coordinator and liaison for the Sociable City Network

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Jocelyn Kane is RHI's Senor Policy Advisory. She served as Executive Director of the San Francisco Entertainment Commission (SFEC). Her 15-year tenure at SFEC was instrumental in creation of internal systems, citywide agency connections and best practices and policies.

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board of directors

Paul Seres

Founding Trustee
New York City Hospitality Alliance

Board Co-chair


Nighttime Economy Manager
Pittsburgh, PA

Board Co-chair

John Bodnovich

Executive Director
American Beverage Licensees


Greg DeShields

Executive Director


tom moriarity

Retail Development Strategies, LLC



Director, Alcohol Policy and Reputation Management
Diageo North America

Kathie Durbin

Division Chief, Licensure, Regulation & Education
Montgomery County Alcohol Beverage Services

David Downey

International Downtown Association

Beth Bagwell

Executive Director
International Town Gown Association

Lester Jones

Chief Economist
National Beer Wholesalers Association

Technical Consultants

Marjorie Ferrer's extensive experience working with all aspects of redeveloping downtowns and small towns. She has created strategies and implemented tactics that have proven successful in redevelopment of many Florida towns and cities.

Contact |  561.271.3168

Greg Mullen is Associate Vice President Public Safety, Clemson University. He served as Charleston Police Chief from 2006 through 2017. Mullen created a Responsible Hospitality Group comprised of members of the hospitality and retail industries to help identify key concerns and areas for improvement in the City’s growing nightlife, festivals and special events.

JENNY ANDERSON began with RHI in 1989 and oversees graphic design and publication development.






RHI is a nonprofit organization founded in 1983 with a mission to assist
businesses and communities to plan safe and vibrant places to socialize.

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