VIBRANCY IS CREATED by a variety of social experiences in bars, restaurants, cafes and live music venues. Spontaneous encounters in public space, such as in outdoor cafes, plazas, etc. also signal the vitality of a district.

ENTERTAINMENT is measured by current social options (e.g. dining, live entertainment), mix of clientele, systems for promotion, and retention of talent. Factors to consider are number of venues, combined number of seats available, hours and economic impact.


PUBLIC SPACE is evaluated by systems in place for outdoor dining, street performers, food vendors, sidewalk capacity, festivals, art walks, music walks and integration with established venues.


Truly vibrant cities maintain social activity at all times of day, evening and late at night.

But vibrancy requires work. It takes systems to support venues, nurture performers and provide opportunities for entrepreneurs to showcase their talent.

  • Patron Representatives by Lifestyle Stages
  • Venue Owners and Associations
  • Arts, Culture, Event Experts
  • Musicians and Advocates
  • Public Space Planners and Management
  • Street Vendors and Performers
  • Dining and Entertainment Marketing and Media


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