Sociable cities with vibrant nightlife are magnets for tourism, conventions, residents and new sustainable industries. Cities throughout the world are evaluating the economic and employment value of nightlife, and creating innovative policies and practices to assure safety, facilitate transportation and reduce impacts on quality of life.  

The Responsible Hospitality Institute (RHI) provides unique services to assist your city meet the social experience demands of residents and visitors.

  • Technical services to assess and plan hospitality zones for the nighttime economy

  • Webinars showcasing cities, authors and solutions

  • Leadership Summit events

  • Practical guides on best practices, news updates and other timely resources

Begin your tour by learning about the Framework and Core Concepts designed into RHI's Events, Services, Webinars and Resources.

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RHI's 2017 Regional Summit

Orlando is host to the Southeast Regional Leadership Summit, featuring a distinguished faculty presenting strategies to better plan and manager a vibrant nightlife district.
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RHI's 2017 Webinar Series Begins

In Urban Nightlife, sociologist Dr. Reuben A. Buford May undertakes a nuanced examination of urban nightlife, drawing on ethnographic data gathered to explore the question of how nighttime revelers negotiate urban public spaces.
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“Nighttime management is more than just more officers. 
It’s a coordinated approach building alliances with venues and the community, 
a dedicated and trained hospitality officer, transportation management 
and city staff invested in the nighttime economy.” 
— Gregory Mullen, Chief, Charleston Police Department


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RHI is a nonprofit organization founded in 1983 with a mission to assist businesses and communities to plan safe and vibrant places to socialize. RHI's Sociable City events create an organized opportunity to connect and share information with peers and access resources from RHI. 
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